Acquisition, Development, Construction, Leasing & Marketing for Land Assets & Investments


Start to Finish, Land to Lease UP
We offer top quality Development, Construction, and Management services on time and within budget.

Start to Finish, Land to Lease UP

McLain Investments provides services from start to finish for Build-to-Rent (BTR) and Single-Family Rental Neighborhoods (SFRN). Our residents value the freedom a rental property offers with four walls of personal space, unrivaled flexibility, and hassle-free living. At our Communities, a professional management team takes care of everything from home repairs to yard maintenance. We stress so you don't have to. 

McLain Investments has been in the development business for over two decades, bringing experience, expertise and know-how to take an SFRN development project from start to finish - and beyond. In the past six years, McLain has focused on areas of continuous growth through lease management and development for BTR's and SFRN's. While most companies specialize in either Development, Construction, or Lease Management, McLain does it all. This reduces inefficient lag time and gives investors the peace of mind that it is done right the first time and nothing is overlooked.


  • Prepare competitive market analyses for land acquisitions.  
  • Determine the viability of proposed land acquisitions.
  • Acquire initial land financing or venture capital
  • Work with the municipal planning and consultant engineers to determine budgets and schedules to be used in proformas.
  • Negotiate and write contracts
  • Perform Due Diligence as per purchase agreement contracts included but not limited to flood determinations, environmental inspections, soil condition reports, drainage planning, etc


  • Provide a plan or layout for the development
  • Acquire financing
  • Identify and develop a relationship with governmental entities that have jurisdiction.  
  • Supervise and implement surveys of property.
  • Develop plan for best use of property
  • Establish the proper zoning for the property
  • Research and record existing easements or covenants on this property
  • Establish any right-of-way dedication required
  • Negotiate utility provisions
  • Manage and oversee engineering of development
  • Manage and oversee bidding of contractors for implementation of infrastructure
  • Manage and oversee work performed by contractors for infrastructure from start to completion


  • Acquire financing for construction
  • Provide plans, elevations, and landscape planning with streetscapes for club house, pet park, pools, common areas, and Single Family Homes.
  • Execute all permitting for construction, pools, common grounds, club houses and landscaping
  • Manage and oversee cost analysis, bidding, and vendor relationships & discounts for build out
  • Manage all construction from ground breaking to punch list and completion
  • Provide interior and exterior design selections
  • Guaranteed construction costs


  • Utilize industry-leading software such as Real Page for lease management
  • Provide trained and experienced personnel in the pre-leasing, leasing, and property management team
  • Provide marketing strategies, budgets, and employee training 
  • Provide experienced accounting reporting detailed specifically to lease and single family rental Cottage development

McLain can provide services from start to finish for Build-to-rent and Single-Family Rental developments.
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